There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument from a young age and playing an instrument (or studying voice) gives your child a chance to experience learning in a whole new way.

In the last decade, neuroscience has discovered that music promotes brainpower.
While listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, learning to actually play music can enhance spacial reasoning, verbal comprehension and the ability to process information at a faster pace. It gives children a greater edge when it comes to paying attention in school, and a better memory overall. Interestingly, these benefits last well into old age.

Researchers at Concordia University have found that children who start music lessons before the age of seven, develop better planning and motor skills. Tests also showed that those who receive early musical training, are better able to complete tasks which require very accurate timing, such as playing sports.

But it’s not just about the music the children are being exposed to, it’s also the life skills they develop as a result. Music promotes achievement. Learning challenging pieces can be rewarding when you have finally conquered them, taking graded exams and performing live greatly improves confidence and self esteem. Music also combats stress and teaches discipline.

Furthermore, a child who becomes musically skilled has a unique talent to share with their friends, gaining acceptance and admiration. Music even helps children to better tolerate constructive criticism (as performances are usually assessed and areas for improvement are pointed out ) so therefore they are able to rebound in a more positive fashion from any failures or disappointments.

At Mezzo, we introduce children to a wide variety of musical genres to give them a greater understanding of what is actually possible through music. It’s an excellent mood balancing tool, and research shows that young adults who had musical training as children, have lower rates of anxiety.

Finally, don’t forget that music is fun; at the end of the day when a child is tired or stressed, playing a nice tune may be all he or she needs to do, to unwind and restore calm in their life.

As I watch the transformation and excitement of our students as a result of music education, it is truly inspiring to me and reaffirms the hard work we are doing here at Mezzo Music Academy.

Sonya Murphy-Lyons

Childrens Music Classes Dublin