Mezzo Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 2021/2022

Enrolment Terms & Conditions

• Places for individual and group tuition may be reserved by completing a Registration Form either in person at Mezzo Music Academy, by emailing us at or phoning us on 01 685 2590.

Forms & deposits may be sent by post to Mezzo Music Academy, 112 Greenlea Road, Terenure, Dublin

You can do so online here >>

• Deposits are automatically deducted from Term 1 tuition fees. This will be shown on your invoice.

• Places are offered on a first come first served basis so if a student wishes to retain a specific time slot,
registration form and deposit must be returned to Mezzo Music Academy no later than Friday 24th July
2020, otherwise, you will lose your current slot and will have to consider other days/times for lessons.

Class Scheduling

• Mezzo Music Academy reserves the right to make changes to class timetables and/or teachers and all
students will be notified in the event of a change. It is paramount to us that our students are happy and the
rapport between them and their teacher is crucial. Therefore, for new students, any information you can
furnish us with about the student, will be considered when allocating the most suitable teacher for them.

• Group classes are run subject to minimum enrolment requirements. The school reserves the right to cancel
any course or group class that has insufficient enrolment. In such an event, all fees will be refunded.

Payment Terms & Conditions

• All fees must be paid prior to commencement of term unless otherwise arranged with a member of

• Students are permitted to pay in instalments, once a direct debit is set up, or by monthly standing order;
this can be arranged by contacting reception.
• Please note a 10% charge will be applied to any late instalment payments.

• Failure to pay fees in a timely fashion will result in suspension of classes until the balance has been paid.

• We regret that weekly payment cannot be facilitated unless a once-off trial class has been arranged.

• Fees can be paid by cash/card/cheque at our premises, by card over the phone, or by online bank transfer to the following account details.
Please be sure to quote the student name if paying online;

IBAN – IE03AIBK93329520817009

• Discounts are available for students learning more than one instrument and for siblings, who are studying
at Mezzo Music Academy. Please enquire at reception.

Class Cancellations

• All lessons are to be paid for, whether taken or missed, as teachers are contracted and paid by the
term, and not by the week.

• WE ARE NOT OBLIGED TO MAKE UP LESSONS CANCELLED BY THE STUDENT, however in certain circumstances (at the discretion of the teacher) lessons may be made up at a later date if this suits the teacher. Eg: If you miss a lesson, the teacher is still paid, as they were present and ready to teach on that day. Therefore, if they agree to make up your lesson at a suitable time to them, please note that they will not be paid to teach the second time round, as the student has only paid once for the lesson.

• In the event of a cancellation by the student, we request that Reception be contacted in a timely manner as a courtesy to the teacher and administration staff.

• In the event of teacher absence, Mezzo Music Academy will endeavour to arrange a suitable substitute teacher. If this is not possible, the lesson will be made up at a later date, before term end.

• An agreed rescheduled class missed by the student will NOT be rescheduled or credited.

• Where absenteeism is a reoccurring problem, Mezzo Music Academy reserves the right to discontinue the
enrolment of any student.

• The term fee is fixed, so if you decide to finish lessons earlier than the specified date, the full fee still applies as our teachers are contracted by the term and we are not able to provide teachers with a new student in that particular slot, for the few remaining weeks of term. We will endeavour to make up some lesson time in advance, however you will need to be flexible as often, teacher’s schedules are quite full.

General Terms & Conditions

• Students are expected to behave in a manner that is appropriate and respectful to other students, teachers
and administrative staff. If a student is misbehaving, parents or guardians will be contacted. If bad behaviour continues, Mezzo Music Academy has the right to cease classes.

• It is expected that parents/guardians will drop off students no sooner than 5 minutes before their appointed lesson time, and collect them no later than 5 minutes after. There is no provision for supervision of students before or after lessons unless otherwise arranged with a staff member.

• If a parent wishes to discuss a student’s progress with the teacher, we request that discussion take place at
the beginning of the lesson as a courtesy to the next student. Appointments may also be made with teachers to discuss more significant issues. We will not tolerate irate parents in our reception area, or over the phone. We are however, very happy to speak with you when you are calm and collected.

• Please check with reception that your contact details are accurate in order to stay up to date with the latest
news, timetables and upcoming events.


• We encourage all our students to take part in our recitals, as performing is crucial to a student’s musical
development and confidence. If a student has committed, but has not been practicing before a recital, or turning up to group rehearsals, we reserve the right to withdraw them from the performance, as it could be
detrimental to their self esteem, and that of others in a group, going forward.

• If you have another prior engagement on the recital day, it would be best for your child not to take part, as
leaving early can disrupt the students performing on stage, and upset the organisation back stage. Please
note, we have hundreds of Junior Students, and therefore, the recital may be over 2 hours long, and while all are welcome in the audience, we ask you not to bring young children with you, if you feel they will not be able to sit through the performances.

• An enormous amount of work and preparation on our end goes into the production of our Recitals, so please respect this, and adhere to our recommendations on the day.

Practical Examinations

• Students will be entered for graded examinations at the sole discretion of the teacher, and we insist
that you respect the teacher’s judgment. If a student is entered for an exam, encouragement to practice at home is a must. If we feel a student has not practiced sufficiently for an exam, we will reserve the right to withdraw their entry.

• Examinations take place at different times of the year according to the examining board. As dates are set
by the examining body, we regret that there is very little flexibility.

• Fees for graded examinations must be paid at reception by the date specified.

• All instruments except piano and classical guitar require accompaniment. The teacher will arrange an
accompanist for the student and standard fees are as follows:

Theory Examinations
• Theory classes are compulsory for all students wishing to complete graded examinations in their
instrument. Students will be entered for TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON written exams, in each grade, when
they are ready. Please note, there is a considerable jump in level from Grade 2 to Grade 3, and from Grade
3 upwards, so students may not complete this course in 1 academic year. We will not put students forward for exams if they are having difficulty with any theory concepts or if the teacher feels they will not be 100% confident and prepared going into an exam.

  • Elementary/Preliminary/Primary €30.00
  • Grade 1-3 €40.00
  • Grade 4-6 €50.00
  • Grade 7-8 €60.00

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