Music For Preschoolers (Ages 3-4)






A specially designed class for those who have outgrown Kindermusik but are still too young for Pre-Instrumental class.

We combine turn-taking, imaginative play and storytelling with age appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts. These energetic music classes for young children promote basic music vocabulary, social & emotional skills, early maths, physical coordination, sharing, creativity and more.

Also included in our music for preschoolers classes is small instrument exploration and learning about instruments in the orchestra, which will assist the child in mastering the early stages of reading music.

Exposing Children aged 3 – 4 to music can help them learn sounds and meanings of words.

Music is important for preschoolers as music can help a childs’ development across all areas including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.

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All Classes run on Saturday mornings

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Music For Preschoolers Can Aid:

  • Intellectual development
  • Social-emotional skills
  • Motor skills
  • Language development
  • Overall literacy