Viola Lessons: The viola is a string instrument that is bowed, plucked, or played with varying techniques. It is slightly larger than a violin and has a lower and deeper sound. It is the middle voice of the violin family, between the upper lines played by the violin and the lower lines played by the cello.

There is similarity in shape to the violin, and closeness in pitch range (the viola is a perfect fifth below the violin), and also an identical playing position. However, the viola’s timbre is richer, and more full-bodied than the violin’s.

The viola has a longer body and a longer string length and is more physically demanding to play than the smaller, lighter violin.

The thicker strings also mean that more weight must be applied to the strings in order to play .The thicker and longer strings result in the player using the pads of their fingers rather than the tip, moving towards cello technique.

Students have the option to sit graded examinations facilitated by both the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Trinity College London.

Competitions and recital performances are encouraged and available to interested students. Participating students will need a Viola to practice on at home.

We are always happy to work with students who have no desire to complete exams and wish to learn and play the Viola for pure enjoyment.

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