Ukulele Lessons: The ukulele is a small portable instrument and can be played by anyone, young or old.

It’s happy, joyful tone makes it a delight to play and for young children, and as it is small and only has 4 strings, it suits their little fingers. The Ukulele is light, so it’s easy to hold and carry, and children can easily play chords and songs, so there is a greater sense of satisfaction for them.

There are many types of ukuleles including soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone, and as you go up in size, their tone becomes deeper and the instrument becomes louder.

Playing ukulele will certainly benefit those who eventually want to learn the guitar as all of the scale and chord shapes that you learn on the guitar can be used on the ukulele, they just have different names!

Students can pursue graded exams, or just learn to play the ukulele for fun.

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