Theory of Music: For beginners, our individual instrument tuition covers the tools needed to read music and understand rhythm, however when a student reaches exam level, they are required to take a weekly theory class. This takes place in a group format on a weekly basis and the emphasis is on fun.

Research has shown that attending a theory class on music enhances results in graded instrument exams and improves a student’s overall understanding of music.

Music Theory comprises aspects of music such as pitches, scales, intervals, notation,  harmony, ear training & rhythm (to name a few) and thus enables the student to gain a better understanding when reading or writing music themselves.

Preparation for graded exams is covered during the academic year, and students have the option to sit formal, graded theory exams with Trinity College London or ABRSM.

We are always happy to work with students who have no desire to complete exams and wish to learn for pure enjoyment.

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