Double bass lessons: Double bass is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra.

It is widely used in jazz, dance music, popular music, folk music, military bands and concert bands. In the orchestra, the double bass supplies power, weight, and the basic rhythmic foundation.

While playing double bass, you will build upper body strength in your arms, shoulders, and neck, as well as lower body strength through improved overall posture.
Many double bass players can also successfully play the electric bass guitar.

Following double bass lessons; students have the option to sit graded examinations facilitated by both the Royal Irish Academy of Music and Trinity College London. Competitions and recital performances are encouraged and available to interested students. Participating students will need a Double Bass to practice on at home.

We are also happy to work with students who are not interested in graded exams but want to learn double bass for pure enjoyment.

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