Cello Lessons: The Violoncello or Cello as it is more widely known, is a bowed stringed instrument and a member of the violin family, tuned an octave below the viola.

The cello produces a sound that is deeply layered and rich, which helps to explain why it is so popular among classical musicians. Owing to its middling range, it is often reserved for the richest and warmest parts of the orchestra. The cello combines various mental exercises in a structured manner that actually stimulates and strengthens certain areas of your brain, such as memory and comprehension.

The cello’s versatility is largely the reason why it can be also utilised in all sorts of musical genres including electronic, contemporary, rock, and more Exams, Competitions and Recitals are encouraged and available to interested students.

Cello Lessons:

Participating students will need a cello to bring to class and to practice on at home. Mezzo offers an instrument rental scheme, where instruments are available to rent for €40 per academic term.

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