Bass Guitar Lessons: The bass guitar has 4 or 5 thick strings, and is strung and tuned differently to a standard guitar. Bass Guitar is electric, so requires an amplifier to project the sound. Bass Guitar plays a major role in modern music, providing a depth and richness to the overall sound of a band.

From basic notes to chord theory, we teach our bass guitar students a variety of techniques, theory & sight-reading through a vast range of musical styles; from pop to punk and folk to funk!

Once a student has grasped the basics of bass guitar, we explore more advanced techniques, including plucking, picking, chords & slapping.

Mezzo students have the option to sit graded examinations in bass guitar, facilitated by Trinity College London’s Rock & Pop syllabus. Exams take place during 3 sessions each year; Spring, Summer & Pre-Christmas. Exams are held in Mezzo Music Academy, with an independent adjudicator from Trinity College London.

We are always happy to work with students who have no desire to complete exams and wish to learn and play the bass guitar for pure enjoyment.

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