Covid-19 Procedures in Mezzo

Mezzo Covid Policy – Keeping Our Staff & Students Safe

Sanitisation and Awareness:

Students and teachers must sanitise their hands when entering and leaving Mezzo (Hand Sanitising stations have been placed at the front door, and throughout the building).

There are COVID-19 information posters displayed in several locations throughout the building, highlighting the signs & symptoms, as well as reminders to sanitise.

Air purifiers have been installed in all teaching rooms to collect airborne pollutants and clean the air in the room.

For any rooms with windows, these will be kept open for as long as possible.

All doors and windows are opened every morning to air the building out each day.

Students must come in alone:

Reception & waiting area will remain closed.

Students should be dropped to the main front door, and collected at the grey door (to the right of the front door) after their lessons.

If a parent wishes to speak to a teacher, or member of staff, they must make an appointment to meet, or arrange a phone call.

See ‘One Way System’ for departure procedures.

Wear A Mask

All students and teachers will be required to wear a mask or visor while they are in the building.

Masks should cover both the nose and mouth.

We have disposable masks and face shields in reception that you are welcome to use.

For singing, woodwind, and brass students, masks can be removed during lessons, but must be worn when exiting the classroom.

6ft perspex screens have been installed in classrooms to facilitate these lessons.

All screens will need to be disinfected before and after each lesson by the teacher with the Dettol spray provided.

In Room 10 for group theory classes teachers may wear just a visor to be heard clearly from a distance whilst maintaining more than a 2 metre distance from all students at all times.

Should you have any queries about the Mezzo Covid Policy please feel free to contact us here >>

Mezzo Covid Policy Statement

COVID-19 Policy Statement
Mezzo Music Academy is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all of our staff and customers. To ensure that, we have developed the following Covid-19 Response Plan.

All staff are responsible for the implementation of this plan and a combined effort will help contain the spread of the virus.

The Mezzo Covid Policy states that we will:

  • Continue to monitor our Covid-19 response and amend this plan in consultation with our staff.
  • Provide up to date information to our staff on the Public Health advise issued by the HSE and
  • Display information on the signs and symptoms of Covid-19 and correct hand washing techniques.
  • Appoint a trained worker representative to put in place a reporting system.
  • Inform all staff of essential hygiene and respiratory etiquette and physical distancing requirements.
  • Adapt the building to facilitate physical distancing.
  • Keep a contact log to help with contact tracing.
  • Have all staff undergo an induction / familiarisation briefing.
  • Develop a procedure to be followed in the event of a staff member showing symptoms of Covid-19 while in the workplace.
  • Provide instructions for staff to follow if they develop signs and symptoms of Covid-19 during work.
  • Intensify cleaning in line with government advice.

Mezzo Covid Policy References:
COVID-19 Specific National Protocol for Employers and Workers

DCYA Youth Sector Guidance on Resuming Full Services after COVID-19

Regulation 23 Safeguarding, Health, Safety and Welfare of the Child, Child Care Act 1991