NOVEMBER 2019Shortlisted For Image Businesswoman of the Year

Category: Creative Businesswoman of the Year

MAY 2019Nominees For Energia Family Business AwardsCategory: Fastest Growing Family Business

Delighted to have been nominated for the Energia ‘Fastest Growing Family Business’ award in May 2019


South Dublin County Business Awards
Category: Best Small Business


National Small Firms Association Business Awards
Category: Outstanding Small Business
Highly Commended

SFA Award’s Finalist Feature in the Irish Independent

SFA Award's Finalist Feature in the Irish Independent

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As a Family Business we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where students are nurtured to develop their musical gift, inspired to enjoy the process and encouraged to love music for life. We are delighted to have been nominated for a variety of awards over the years and look forward to continuing to provide our high standard of service at Mezzo Music Academy.

There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument from a young age and playing an instrument (or studying voice) gives your child a chance to experience learning in a whole new way.
In the last decade, neuroscience has discovered that music promotes brainpower.
While listening to music can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, learning to actually play music can enhance spatial reasoning, verbal comprehension and the ability to process information at a faster pace. It gives children a greater edge when it comes to paying attention in school, and a better memory overall. Interestingly, these benefits last well into old age.
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About us at Mezzo Music Academy

SFA Awards Finalists Programme

Sonya and Sorcha at the Business Connect Conference in the Aviva Stadium in February 2018 as part of the SFA Awards Finalists Programme

I was invited to answer a few questions in the Wise Guys section of the SFA Better Business Magazine (January 2019) which you can view via the button below.

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