Group Music For Young Children

Pre-Instrumental, Junior Group Instrument, Junior Choir, Performing Arts

Pre-Instrumental (4-6)

Pre-Instrumental classes provide a wonderful opportunity for children to explore up to 8 instruments in the 10 week programme, along with rhythm games, ear training and singing.

Classes run:

Tuesday 2.45pm – 3.30pm  

Wednesday 3.45pm – 4.30pm  

Thursday 4.30pm – 5.15pm  

Friday 2.15pm – 3.00pm  

Saturday 12.15pm – 1.00pm”  

Pricing: (sibling discount available for more  than 1 child from the same family)  

Tuesday Classes 

Term 1: 31st August – 14th December (15  weeks) €225  

Term 2: 11th January – 5th April (12 weeks)  €180  

Term 3: 26th April – 14th June (8 weeks) €120  

Wednesday Classes 

Term 1: 1st September – 15th December (15  weeks) €225  

Term 2: 12th January – 6th April (12 weeks)  €180  

Term 3: 27th April – 15th June (8 weeks) €120  

Thursday Classes 

Term 1: 2nd September – 9th December (14  weeks) €210  

Term 2: 6th January – 7th April (12 weeks)  €180  

Term 3: 28th April – 16th June (8 weeks) €120

Friday Classes

Term 1: 3rd September – 10th December (14  weeks) €210

Term 2: 7th January – 8th April (13 weeks)  €195

Term 3: 29th April – 17th June (8 weeks) €120

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Group Music for Pre-Instrumental

Group Instrument (5-7)

Group Instrument Classes are a fun introduction to learning your very first instrument and grasping the early stages of reading music. Development of aural skills and preparation for formal private tuition.

Classes are available in Keyboard, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Recorder and Percussion and run in 10 week blocks.

10 week course €150 (sibling discount available for more than 1 child from the same family)

Instrument Rental provided (€20 per course)

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Performing Arts

This class involves the development of confidence, giving children a sense of how to be comfortable with themselves and their abilities (whatever level that may be), and also learning to be comfortable on stage. Performing Arts Classes will develop the child’s ability to represent and communicate emotions through spoken dialogue, body movement, song and physical expression. Children will work as part of a team and will enhance their social skills in group situations, as task management and the ability to follow instruction, leads to personal and group affirmation. There are also opportunities with improvisation and self direction within classes, as it is important to develop all aspects of theatre in order to provide a more rounded training – and children love the idea of feeling that they play a part in their own development.

Wednesday 3pm – 3.45pm

17 week term €230

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Junior Choir

Singing is good for the soul, and singing with a group of children is so much fun.

Our Junior Choir is a lively and energetic class, singing lots of songs from all genres of music, including pop, rock, traditional, folk and more. This great bunch of children perform at our annual recitals and are often the highlight of the show!

Classes run on Fridays 3.00pm – 4.00pm  18 week term €225