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How to get the most from your online lesson
  1. Charge your device in advance, or connect it to power before or during your lesson.
  2. Position your device on a stand/table/chair so it will remain in place for the duration of your class.
  3. In order to work effectively without freezing, Zoom needs a steady internet connection, so make sure other family members are not playing online games or using a streaming service at the same time.
  4. It is important to position yourself in a well-lit area but not in front of a window. If you are using lighting, make sure it is in front of you rather than behind you.
  5. Use headphones or earbuds so you can hear your teacher talking and playing more clearly.
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Check List

  • A good internet connection
  • Zoom installed on your device (Mobile, Tablet or Computer/Lap Top)
  • More advanced students should be using a USB Microphone and a USB Webcam
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Learn Music Online with Mezzo Music Academy Ireland