Mahta Mansouri Tehrani

Violin, Viola & Piano


Mahta Mansouri Tehrani Violin, Viola & Piano Lessons:

By passionately pursuing music in Iran, a country which is not open to women in music, Mahta
has shown great dedication to her craft.
She started out learning the piano at the age of 5 and also took violin lessons from the age of 7.
From a young age she strove to discover the instruments beyond the scope of her lessons which
led to a childhood filled with playing in various orchestras as well as performing solo violin
In 2014 she ranked 2nd among 13,000 participants in the National University Exam for all
Bachelor of Arts programmes in Iran, and was admitted to the Classical Music Program at the
University of Tehran where she studied the Violin with Iman Fakhr and Dr. Setareh Beheshti.
At University Mahta maintained her position as the top student of her class, and was chosen as
the concert master of the University of Tehran Orchestra from the first semester.
Due to her helpful nature, musical skills and knowledge, she was sought out by her peers to give
feedback on their playing, suggest solutions to their problems and come up with creative
exercises that could help them with their technique and expression, both within the orchestra and
in their solo repertoire which set her up for a future in teaching music.
She further developed her skills working in a team when she co-founded Mania Trio with a
clarinetist and a pianist. They extensively practiced and performed their repertoire, participating in
and winning several chamber music competitions. Mania Trio also commissioned pieces to two
Iranian composers one of which they premiered in the 2nd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival.
Mahta did not want to confine herself within the bounds of her country, so in 2018, she travelled
to Europe to create opportunities with an international outlook by participating in music events
such as Katrina Festival in Finland. There, she took part in masterclasses by Cecilia Zilliacus and
Julia Maria Kretz and performed the Sibelius Violin Concerto.
During the pandemic, she decided to explore other creative endeavors which brought her to
Ireland in 2022 and soon after moving to Dublin, she joined the team at Mezzo Music Academy.

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