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Piano & Harp Lessons

Chloe Byrne Piano and Harp Lessons Mezzo Music Academy

Chloe Byrne Piano & Harp Lessons:

Chloe Byrne offers Piano and Harp Lessons at Mezzo. Chloe, from Saggart, Co. Dublin, began studying Classical Piano and Harp performance as a young child, alongside musical analysis and theory of music.

She went on to complete all her practical examinations with the Royal Irish Academy of Music scoring distinctions in all grades. She completed a Bachelor of Music degree in University College Dublin, and will commence an Mmus Music & Culture Masters in 2020, also in UCD.

In the past few years Chloe has been awarded a scholarship into UCD, under “The ‘Musician of the Future” award, and has received countless awards from the RIAM over the years for performance.

Chloe Byrne Piano & Harp Lessons

Chloe loves to share her passion for music with her students and is particularly interested in Music Therapy and Performance. In 2019, she was selected as one in 30 music students from Europe, to travel to Austria to share her ideas and take part in various performances.

Chloe has been teaching for many years, and joined the Mezzo Team in September 2019.

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Piano & Harp Lessons

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